PSA: Unauthorized Sale of Business Property

In today’s interconnected world, trust is a currency that is often hard to come by. This is particularly true in business relationships. Unfortunately, we recently faced an incident involving unauthorized and unethical business practices that has prompted us to issue this public service announcement (PSA). This post aims to inform our clients, business partners, and the general public about a situation involving the unauthorized sale of our business property.

Summary of the Incident

On March 4, 2023, Mat Pi Studio (TR0254143-W) was visited by two acquaintances known since our university days—Aaron Selvan and Kenneth Russell. They claimed to be in the business of buying, selling, and repairing computers. Considering their purported expertise, we hired them to repair a Dell Optiplex 970 desktop and a white Sony Vaio laptop—both critical to our operations. However, they later sold these devices without our consent or knowledge, jeopardizing our business continuity.

PSA Alert: Beware of Aaron Selvan and Kenneth Russell

🚨 Public Service Announcement 🚨

We urge the public to exercise extreme caution when dealing with Aaron Selvan and Kenneth Russell. These individuals have engaged in unauthorized, unethical actions that have severely impacted our business. Please remain vigilant.

Legal and Ethical Implications

When you agree to a service, especially involving property that isn’t yours, it is a legal and ethical requirement to fulfil the contract as agreed. The devices Aaron Selvan and Kenneth Russell took to repair were the property of Mat Pi Studio. Selling these without our explicit approval is not only a breach of trust but also a violation of property rights.

Data Security and Business Continuity

The desktop and laptop in question were not just pieces of hardware. They contained sensitive data vital to our ongoing operations. Their unauthorized sale has consequently endangered our data security and business continuity.

The Personal is Not Professional

Attempting to justify their actions, Aaron Selvan and Kenneth Russell claimed that the sale was made to settle a ‘personal debt.’ This reasoning is deeply flawed. Personal matters have no bearing on professional agreements and especially don’t authorize the sale of someone else’s property.

Steps Taken

Upon learning of this unauthorized sale, we immediately filed a police report and gathered evidence to support our case. We have also issued this PSA to alert the public about these individuals’ untrustworthy behaviour.

Lessons for the Public and Businesses

  1. Document All Agreements: Even if you’re dealing with acquaintances or friends, always document any business agreements.
  2. Keep Personal and Professional Separate: Do not allow personal relationships to cloud professional judgment or agreements.
  3. Immediate Legal Action: If you find yourself in a situation like ours, consult legal advice and take appropriate action promptly.


We are pursuing all legal avenues available to us to get our property back and ensure that such unethical practices do not happen again. Trust is hard to build but easy to break. In business, we learn from both our successes and failures. This unfortunate incident serves as a learning curve for us, and we hope it serves as one for you too.

For any concerns or more information, feel free to contact us at Mat Pi Studio.

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