Content Creator Wins Unlawful Termination Case Against 2X Marketing, Citing Religious Discrimination

The Muslim Apologist plans to continue speaking out against the agency’s unethical practices and wrongful termination

In a recent victory against discrimination, a YouTuber known as The Muslim Apologist has won a legal battle against his former employer, 2X Marketing, after he was unjustly terminated on the grounds of his religious beliefs and personal activities outside of work.

The Muslim Apologist, whose real name has not been disclosed, manages a YouTube channel dedicated to promoting peace, justice, and harmony. He is also known for challenging religious discrimination and racism, a stance that aligns with the YouTube Community Guidelines. His channel, active since 2020, can be found at:

Despite his digital content adhering to these guidelines, 2X Marketing purportedly used his YouTube activities as false pretense for termination. The Muslim Apologist had reportedly never received any backlash or condemnation from previous employers regarding his personal activities. His previous workplaces seemingly respected his right to maintain personal interests outside of work.

The Muslim Apologist challenged the allegations made by 2X Marketing, taking his case to the Industrial Relations Department mediator. In the end, justice prevailed, and 2X Marketing was ordered to pay MYR 8500 in ex gratia compensation for unlawfully terminating his contract.

Adding to the controversy, the agency’s defense notably included a deleted test email, which The Muslim Apologist sent to himself, as its best evidence in the proceedings. The agency also attempted to justify the termination by claiming the YouTuber did not pass their “background check” without providing further detail.

In light of the decision, The Muslim Apologist has publicly challenged 2X Marketing to take him to civil court. The YouTuber remains confident about his innocence and is keen to expose the agency’s false allegations and unethical practices further.

Going forward, The Muslim Apologist intends to speak out against 2X Marketing and their questionable business conduct. He has pledged to inform potential employees about the agency’s practices to prevent others from suffering similar discrimination.

Despite the incident with 2X Marketing, The Muslim Apologist has expressed his intent to continue creating content on his YouTube channel, standing firm in his beliefs and dedication to challenge injustice.

The Muslim Apologist‘s experience underscores the potential conflicts between personal beliefs and professional life, particularly in environments guided by prejudice and discrimination. It highlights the significance of standing up against injustice in all life domains and raises questions about the ethical boundaries of employee conduct outside the workplace.